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Contacted breeder again - holding shouldn’t be a problem in October he just wanted to let me know that if temps get too cold he won’t do it (for health and safety reasons) and just wanted me to be aware of that based on the temps he incubates the eggs, “…chances are it will be female”.

Nah. It’s a boy.

Always boy.



when you’re too full but the food is so good you just keep eating it


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anyway howd he get in there



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ppl who don’t dress up for halloween bc it’s too childish are halloweak

More like halloweenies.


Jon Richardson on Cinderella

"Pervert! Looking at the titties, wasn’t he?"

"I’ll find her with the shoe, because heaven forfend there would be two size sixes in the entire kingdom!"

flamingo-trigger said: 

i feel bad for the tortoise, having to be put in the mail =/

Yeah, well, you can thank the state laws for that. You can legally own them, trade them, and adopt them BUT if money is being paid for them then you have to leave the state to pay the money OR buy from a breeder outside of the state and either a) pick the tort up yourself or b) have it shipped to you.

Seeing how I don’t have the means to get to Upstate NY I have to have him shipped. I asked the breeder though and (which I wouldn’t have any other way) he will be shipped overnight so that he will only be in the mail from 3pm to 10am max and he’s put in there with holes to breathe (obv) as well as some noms, and a moist bedding so that he has something to grab onto and keep him hydrated & warm and will be marked with the appropriate markings so that he wont be mishandled. Breeder has guaranteed healthy & safe travel based on their 15+ years experience. I’ve actually learned that buying them through breeders, even if they have to be shipped overnight, the torts are healthier and happier than the torts in the petstores in states where it is legal to pay for them within the state. Petsmarts/Petcos and those places IMPORT THEM FROM DIFFERENT COUNTRIES OMG so the babies are in the mail FOR DAYS/WEEKS and they’re all typically sick with deadly diseases from being pulled out of the wild and shoved in a box forever only to be shoved in a place that treats them as PRODUCTS. Whereas breeders raise their own babies (in safe quantities - which is what nature provides - they dont force them to have babies so that they can make money off them) and they all have checkups and things and the breeders specialize in that species’ care so that they keep the animals right and healthy. Like they guy I’m talking to only deals with my kind of baby because thats his expertise. He’s taken the extra precautions for the shipping so that when I get him all I’ll have to do is put him in his new home and he’ll have slept through the whole shipping process (because babies sleep all night anyway). I wont even have to soak him to hydrate him because the breeder has taken that into consideration as well. Though he said if it makes ME feel better I can do it anyway it wont hurt lol.

So yeah, I can understand that shipping isn’t fun either way, but overnight isn’t something the baby cant handle provided the temps are suitable (and the breeder will refuse sale and shipping if they are NOT - which I dont blame him because that would be unsafe which is why I want to get him now while its still warm). 



ok but there was a bus filled with potatoes driving around my town today



Minecraft PC help?

Can someone help me install a shader? I don’t know how to install these OR mods. I’m a first time Minecraft PC user.

I’m looking for this shader in particular:

I don’t know if there’s special programs you need to install these or if you unzip the files and place them in the minecraft program folders or something else entirely.

Please explain in very simple terms D:

Geoff, the ass first into danger kind of guy

- Ryan Haywood (P.T. Let’s Watch)


"Geoff Ramsey: ass first into danger." [x]


"He felt bad about not doing the X-Ray and Vav thing, he had to spear Gavin’s hole directly to make up for it."

still not over this omg